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Lesson 13


This course has been retired and is now available for free. HOWEVER, be aware that it is outdated and therefore some of the information may no longer be valid or may be even be detrimental to your online success. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

The goal with this entire process is to focus on quality not quantity. Remember that you don’t need hundreds of product reviews in order to make a decent income online. Stick with 5 product reviews at a time and stay focused on those 5 reviews until they start making sales.

You almost have to treat those product reviews like treasured objects…nurture them and keep making those pages better and better. But most importantly keep working on getting traffic to each of those pages. This will be critical to your success. If you come back to us in a couple of month’s time complaining that this isn’t working we will know that it is because you don’t have enough traffic.

  • We want you to be asking yourself every day – “How can I get more traffic to my product review pages?”
  • We want you to be working on getting traffic to those product review pages every single day.
  • We want you to be the ultimate expert on generating traffic.
  • We DON’T want you frantically building more product review pages – instead we want you frantically working on building traffic.

Traffic, traffic, traffic, traffic, traffic, traffic, traffic, traffic……

Can we say it enough? Without it you’re just not going to succeed so make traffic generating your number one task.

So to summarize this is what you should be working on once your product reviews are up:

  1. Spend 80% of your time on generating traffic.
  2. Continue working on tweaking those pages so that they are the best they can be.
  3. Start writing short articles of around 300 to 500 words to add to your website.

The point of these short articles is that they help to boost your website and can bring traffic. These articles are written in the same vein as the articles you submit to other websites when you are guest blogging. They are informational type articles like how- to’s and so on.

Within each of these articles you add links back to your product review pages. This is what is known as internal linking where you are linking to pages within your own site. This helps to boost those product reviews. They aren’t as strong as external links of course but even so they can do a lot to improving the rank of those product reviews. The search engines think that if you consistently keep linking to certain pages on your site then it must be important.

So for instance, if I had 5 product reviews on the following products….

  • Panasonic Cordless Drill
  • Makita Cordless Drill
  • Ingersoll Quiet Sander
  • Stanley Hand Saw
  • Smithson Tool Shed

…I might write 5 articles on the following topics:

  • Top 7 Tips for Choosing a Cordless Drill
  • Are Makita cordless drills the best on the market?
  • How to Choose a Sander
  • How to Sharpen Your Hand Saw
  • Why Some Garden Sheds are Better Than Others

Each of those articles would go up on my blog as a post and within each of those articles I would link back to my product review pages. And for some of those articles like the Top 7 Tips, I could actually link back to two product reviews ie. The Panasonic cordless drill review and the Makita drill review.

Ideally you would want each product review to have around 5 to 10 articles linking to it.

Can you add affiliate links to those articles?

Yes definitely. We will often add Adsense ads to generate income from those pages. You can also add Amazon links as well or any other type of affiliate link for that matter. It doesn’t really matter. The ultimate goal however is for these articles to help to boost your product review pages.

And finally….

In order for this entire process to be a success, you need to focus on quality rather than quantity in everything you do. We found that once we started doing this we had greater conversions and greater success overall. We also found that we had more time in the day and we felt more relaxed as we didn’t have to frantically add content day after day in order to maintain the momentum.

Stay focused and provide quality to your readers and you can’t help but succeed.