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STEP 1: Choose a niche…forget it, just choose a product!

Lesson 7


This course has been retired and is now available for free. HOWEVER, be aware that it is outdated and therefore some of the information may no longer be valid or may be even be detrimental to your online success. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

There are so many ebooks that go into detail about choosing a niche, creating a website based around that niche and then writing hundreds of pages of content in order to build up a massive website. This is how we started but we no longer work this way. It takes a lot of work and hard work is something we try to avoid.

We do things a little differently with our method. Instead of choosing niches, we choose products and we no longer write page after page of content in a frantic attempt to build up our websites.

The reason for this is that we found that out of the thousands of pages we had on our sites only a small number of them were consistently making any money. And when I say a small number, I’m talking less than 20 pages.

So keep this in mind when you are making your way through this ebook. You don’t need to write hundreds of product reviews to make a decent income online. You just have to choose the right products.

How to choose a product to promote

When choosing a product to promote we use specific criteria when searching through Amazon. This criteria ensures that you choose a product that WILL convert.

Your goal is to find a list of 5 products that meet the criteria listed below.

Why 5?…because our goal is to only focus on a handful of products at any one time. This is how we run our business. We find 5 products on Amazon, write 5 reviews and then spend the rest of our time getting traffic to those 5 pages. When those 5 pages are making sales we move on to the next 5 products.

If you are relatively new to all of this, then you might want to just focus on 1 or 2 products at a time instead of 5. That’s okay too – just do what works for you.

Just bear in mind when using the criteria that you don’t have to be 100% spot on. For example, if you see that the product is a few dollars under $150 but all the other criteria matches up then that’s okay – you are only out by a little. Just use your common sense here – just try as much as possible to meet the criteria but don’t worry if you are out a little.

Here are the criteria!

Use the table in Attachment 1 at the end of this document to write up your 5 products using the criteria below.

  1. The product has a price tag over $150 – It’s important that you get a good commission on each sale. A product that is only worth $20 will see you getting a commission of anywhere between 80c and $1.60. You will need to sell a lot of products to make a healthy income. So stick to products over $150 and preferably over $200. Just remember that prices fluctuate in Amazon so one day you might see a product over $150 and then next day it might be under. Don’t be too concerned – our goal is to keep the price somewhere over the $150 mark. Also try not to only go with very expensive products. You are more likely to sell products around the $200 mark than products over $500. Have a mix of both.
  2. The product has received at least 20 reviews from consumers on Amazon – Why?…because it means it is a popular product that sells and it also gives your readers the confidence that other people have used it and are happy with it. This equates to a better conversion rate. It will also help you when it comes to writing up the review…more on that later. (Note that out of the 5 criteria listed here, this is one that you can waver a bit on. If all the other 4 criteria fit and this one only has say 10 reviews that’s okay – try not to go any less than 10 though.)
  3. The product has a 4 to 5 star rating – A good rating means that consumers are happy with the product. Unless you are able to purchase the product yourself, the only way you are going to know if the product is worth buying is if you can see that other people are happy with it. You don’t want to promote products that aren’t worth promoting. You want to find the best products available and ones that consumers are extremely happy with. This will help to sell your product.
  4. There is enough information available to write about the product – You are going to be writing a review for this product so you want to ensure that you have enough information available to write about it. The Amazon product page itself will oftentimes have plenty of info so this is a good place to start. But you don’t want to just rehash the information on Amazon in your review so you will also want to look at the manufacturer’s website. If neither Amazon nor the manufacturer has enough information then you will have difficulty getting a good product review together.
  5. The first few product reviews are positive – Scroll down to the bottom of the product page on Amazon to the review section. The first few reviews you see are the ones that are voted by other consumers as helpful reviews. These reviews need to be positive (ie 4 or 5 stars) because these will be the first reviews your reader sees when they hit that product page. If they aren’t absolutely positive you will have a harder time making a sale.

An example of how to search for products

We don’t have any flash or fancy way of searching for products on Amazon. We simply start on the Amazon directory page here:

And then we select a category that interests us or one that will suit one of our niche product sites. For instance, if my site were about power tools I would select the ‘Power and Hand Tools’ option which brings up the following page:

From this page alone I can get some nice ideas just from browsing the left hand sidebar but in this case I am going to select Power Drills.

The resulting page provides me with plenty of drills but I am going to narrow it down even further by clicking ‘Cordless Drills’ from the left hand menu – (see image below).

This now gives me 620 cordless drills to choose from (see image below). Now I just need to work out which ones match our criteria. The first one looks promising. It’s over $150, it has a 4.5 star rating and has 251 reviews. Excellent!…that product meets 3 of our criteria.

Now we have to check to see whether it meets the final two criteria ie. is there enough information to write about the product and are the first few product reviews positive. To do that we just click on that product – this takes me to the full product page (see image below).

This looks good. There is a lot of information about the product including features, specifications, technical details and more. So I will have plenty of information to write about.

Now I just need to scroll down the page a little further to see if the first few product reviews on that page are positive. As you can see from the image below, it’s not looking good. The first review is glowing but the second two are not happy at all.

This is going to kill conversion rates. So it’s back to the drawing board.

I go back to my cordless drill page and look for another product. Further on down the page is a Panasonic drill. It is over $150, has 203 reviews and is rated 4.5. That’s a good start.

Let’s see if this one meets our last two criteria. When I click on the product I can see that like the previous drill there is a ton of information to work with so I shouldn’t have any problem with getting ideas for when I come to write up the review.

Now I scroll down to check out those first few reviews and….YES, we have success! The first few reviews are absolutely glowing with all giving this product a 5 star rating. We now have our first product which we add to our list.